Task #2

Improve a website for credit card comparison


We have built a credit card comparison engine, we have the base ready. You have to improve it. Make database structure and improve the current stage.

The system works in a very simple way. Mostly the product is for users who have already used the credit card and have one. We prompt them to know more about their existing card, offers on it and other charges. Post then they can compare it with other cards which are available which users can apply for. Now here you need to analyse the eligibility. A user using a very premium credit card would not use a low graded credit card so you should not show him that for comparison. So this needs to be put in logic. You can also analyse other portals which offer credit card comparison and improve the project.

Main Objectives:

We need to have a web app for this. Some main function & objectives are listed below:

  1. User should be able to put a credit card name or bank name and find his card. Large database of cards should be available and further on they should be able to compare.
  2. We need to show user better cards when he searches a card. The algo can be made simple for now and later we can implement that algo of prediction.
  3. We need to take input from user about how much he spend, how much in each category he spend, and similar data for suggesting him about which card is best for him. We can take example from other sites.

Skills & Requirements:

  • Django
  • UI Design
  • Web Development
  • Backend & APIs
  • Database

How to participate

Click on the apply button below and apply for the task. You can participate in this as a team or individual.

We will go through your application and then select best teams to participate in the task. You don’t need to be the best in all the skills as required for the project. You can create a team of your own or with other participants who have complementary skill sets.

A team of 1-3 people will be considered. The prize will be shared with the whole team.

On getting selected you will be added to a Telegram group for discussion. You will be needed to submit a proposal within 2 days with a detailed description of how you will go about the project with approx. timeline, team structure and responsibilities, tech stack you will use, requirements to be fulfilled by the task publisher, any other details.

Final selection will be based on the proposal submitted and will get the task. Others selected teams will be provided rewards including coupons from top brands.


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